UK counsellor

At the University of Birmingham, UK, he completed a Master of Science in International Development with a concentration in development economics. He is a Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal team member in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a senior UK counsellor, Mr Acharya offers genuine advice and counselling to students and parents seeking foreign education, especially studying in the UK and studying in Australia from Kathmandu – Nepal. You can contact him for UK University Admission for Nepalese students. You will get authentic and personal experiences about the UK as he has lived in the UK and completed his education. As a result of his academic background in the UK and involvement with youth through music and social work, both at the national and international levels, Mr Acharya envisions breaking down the stereotypes and bringing new operational strategies to Nepal’s education sector.


Finally, you will get honest information about the United Kingdom as he has finished her degree in the UK. So, If you are around Kathmandu valley, please pop in our office. For address, explore  Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal Address. Similalry, we have USA graduates for English languages, so we request you to look at our English language instructor. 

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