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Real Dreams Consultancy

Real Dreams Consultancy was founded in the UK in 2011; however, it has been in this field since 2003. We have forged a trusted reputation for two decades as an Educational Consultancy. It operates 11 branches throughout four countries and has served over 10k students in some top universities. We are currently working with 40+ universities in the United Kingdom. Our main objective is to assist British, European, and international students to enrol in universities for classroom-based degrees, professional courses, and online degrees. In addition, we offer free guidelines as necessary, such as applying for study loans for British students and applying for visa guidelines for European and International students. We would like to hear from you if you want to study at UK University. Likewise, please complete the agent application form if you plan to work with Real Dreams Consultancy to recruit international students to study in the UK. The educational institute partner form can be filled out by educational institutions such as Universities or Colleges looking for a partner. People\’s dream is to join a university, and universities\’ dream is to change people\’s dreams into reality. Our Real Dream is to connect people with universities. So, together, let\’s accomplish our dreams!

About us

UK University Admissions Services Recognition 

We are a British Council-recognised agent.
Similarly, our Australian office is also a registered migration agent regulated by Australia\’s Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).


Real Dreams Consultancy team are deeply honoured and grateful to have received the Recruitment Achievement Award from the University of East London (UEL). Which was held at UEL\’s 125th anniversary in 2023. We are humbled and motivated to continue striving for excellence.


We aim to offer a hassle-free Study in the UK admission process for international, European and British Students. 


With this increase in services, we can establish Real Dreams College (realdreamscollege.com) within ten years, and within 25 years, we can think about Real Dreams University (realdreamsuniversity.com).

Real Dreams Consultancy\’s Social Media

Please have a look at our social media, such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube channels & so on. for regular updates. Also, please visit your nearest Real Dreams Office.


Joint Venture Partners of Real Dreams Consultancy

Dental Pro

We are pleased to add our joint venture with Dental Pro ® (a UK-based company) as an Exclusive Partner in Nepal to our existing portfolio of educational activities. This collaborative project assists Nepalese dentists in locating suitable academic and immigration pathways to the UK. We can help you if you are a qualified dentist from Nepal considering studying or working in the UK. We can offer various educational paths to students (undergraduate, postgraduate, specialist, short-term vocational training, etc.) and facilitate overseas professional registration while still in Nepal. In the process of going abroad for education or employment, Our team can assist you in identifying your weaknesses so that you can receive the training you need to fill those gaps. In addition, dental Pro ® uses Real Dreams as an immigration consultant to handle its dental applications to the UK. Don\’t hesitate to get in touch with Real Dreams Consultancy Nepal.

Global Migration

Global Migration Ltd. (established in 2009) is delighted to have Real Dreams Consultancy as a Joint Venture partner, working together to provide the best solutions for prospective students to choose the best Universities and courses in the UK. Hence, the main motive of this joint venture is to provide study, immigration and registration opportunities to all students from different parts of India. Global Migration Ltd. is an independent immigration firm registered in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The company has a decade of experience in assisting and representing the immigration matters of students, work permits, investors, visitors, families and settlements (PR) to various countries. It has launched a branch of Global Migration Ltd in Hyderabad, India, to deal with all immigration matters and offer overseas education to all aspiring students. Global Migration Ltd and Real Dreams Consultancy have jointly promoted UK education in India since 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an educational consultant help find accommodation and a job?

  • Yes, they try their best, but they are not guaranteed. 

Are education consultancies able to assist with University fees and fee instalments?

  • No. It is a matter between the student and the university. However, they give information on their scholarships.

What will happen if students fail their exams?

  • The university will withdraw its sponsorship if the student fails the exam.

What is the role of Education consultancy in this situation?

  • Sadly nothing. If you don’t have a progress report ( complect the Course), no one can help. 

What does Educational Consultancy do, then?

  • They help you find the best university based on your academic certificate. Similarly, they provide a hassle-free admission process. So, If you are happy, please look at the information below for UK University Admission.

We are grateful for visiting this page. We hope this page has all the information you need to enrol at the UK. You can also visit the International Student Study in the UK checklist for information on UK university admissions. If you want to study in the UK, please complete the application form via Real Dreams Consultancy. We will reply with a list of missing documents when we receive your request. Still, if you are confused and want to know more about it, please fill out the University admissions application form with as much information as possible so that our education consultant can call you with the next steps. You can also visit your nearest office for more details. Similarly, you can contact us through social media and follow us for regular updates on UK studies and UK University Admission services.

Lastly, check out popular pages such as study in the UK without IELTS. If you are a local student, explore the UK university admission process for more details. Please see our 40+ UK Universities partners list