Apply for Franchises - Educational Consultancy Franchises 

Look at our website to see whether we have a branch in your city or not if you want to open an educational consultancy. It is possible to open an office if there is none. Could you please send us a business proposal? A member of our staff will contact you for further instructions. 



What do we do?

  • Create a website page in our website as a new branch
  • Create Social media and Youtube 
  • Create Google My Business / Map
  • Marketing 


Educational Consultancy Franchises Work and Condition 

  • We only allow it if there are no branches already.
  • Study aboard counselling
  • Uni Admission Documentation 
  • Support students to pay a tuition fee directly from a student to University.



Sample Content for Social Media 

For Facebook:  The Kathmandu branch of Real Dreams Consultancy assists students to study in the UK, Australia, New Zealand & the USA. Additional offices are located in Nepal, UK,  Australia, & India. Please visit one of our offices today!