MSc. Family and Systematic Psychotherapy

MSc. Family and Systematic Psychotherapy

This MSc Family and Systematic Psychotherapy course’s primary goal is to reflect on systemic theory critically. You will also study how to apply a systemic framework to practice and research. You research various therapy modalities about multiple topics and clientele, such as adult mental health, individuals, couples, kids, and families. Along with developing the skills necessary to confront discriminatory issues, you will also hone your critical reactions to discourses linked to power, difference, and diversity.


  • University of Bedfordshire

Entry Requirements

  • A first professional qualification or an equivalent qualification is required
  • Completion of an accredited Foundation and Intermediate Level Training program
  • A minimum of four years of experience working in mental health and social welfare settings, of which two years should be post-qualification
  • An understanding of child development and psychology
  • Candidates should possess a good undergraduate degree at the Honours level or higher

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